Collaborate in real time with an online whiteboard


InVision Freehand empowers your entire team to create together, all in one place.

So simple, everyone can use it.

Freehand’s intuitive design empowers everyone to have a voice.

Get started with whiteboarding templates.

Built for brainstorms, wireframing, meetings, and more.

With Freehand, we can quickly create, discuss, and save our notes from our feedback sessions. Being able to access Freehand directly from InVision has made it a lot easier to collaborate in real time.

Kurt Peterson

Director of Product Design, Grubhub

Seamlessly integrates with your toolset.

Create directly from Slack, Microsoft Teams, Sketch and Photoshop.

Go from brainstorm to presentation.

Share a live view of your online whiteboard so others can follow along.

InVision drives design at the world’s smartest companies.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does InVision’s online whiteboard work?

    Freehand makes it easy for teams to plan, brainstorm, and draw together on a shared online whiteboard. It’s simple and approachable, giving everyone an easy way to visually represent their ideas with charts, diagrams, drawings, and more.

    Whether you’re mind mapping, creating a customer journey map or drafting up an org chart, Freehand can help you and your team quickly make your ideas and plans visual.

  • Is an Enterprise plan for Freehand available?

    Yes, we offer flexible and customized pricing for Freehand, our online whiteboard, to scale across your organization. Our offering is based on a variety of factors, including: number of seats, priority support and training, and enhanced security. Contact us for a specialized quote.

  • Is InVision Freehand available in Microsoft Teams?

    With the InVision Freehand integration with Microsoft Teams you can pin a digital whiteboard within a team channel or share a freehand during a live video meeting with our exclusive, native meeting integration.

    Microsoft teams is where work gets done. And with the InVision Freehand app for Teams, your whole team can get even more done together. Learn more about Freehand for Microsoft Teams.

  • How secure is InVision Freehand?

    InVision encrypts data with industry standards including SSL and AES-256, and makes sure it stays protected with 24x7 monitoring. Enterprise plans also include Single Sign-On (SSO), and 2-factor authentication. Learn more about security.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard