Brainstorming Template

Preview Image of the Brainstorming Template Template
Preview Image of the Brainstorming Template Template

Generate ideas quickly as a team with this brainstorming template

With this template created by the Xbox Research & Design Team, you’ll spark creativity and invite a diverse set of perspectives to your brainstorming session.

Having a digital space to brainstorm your ideas gives everyone a voice. Instead of one person leading the charge, using this brainstorming template gave everyone equal input.

Megan Sempre

Senior Designer

You don’t need to start from scratch. Use this brainstorming tool from Xbox design team to:

  • Prepare a productive brainstorming session
  • Create an inclusive environment so everyone has a voice
  • Gather ideas from your teammates
  • Vote on the best ideas to prioritize next steps

How to use this brainstorming template

Step 1: Prepare for the session

Prior to your brainstorming activities, be deliberate about your invite list to make sure that a diverse set of perspectives are included and that all necessary business disciplines are represented. Getting input early in the process helps you get in front of future problems and design the best experiences. Assign someone ahead of time as the facilitator.

Fill out the summary section and send a link out ahead of your meeting inviting attendees to review and add to the inspiration section.

Step 2: Kick it off by writing your goals and review them as a team

Set yourself up for success by reviewing project goals to make sure everyone is aligned on the problem you’re seeking to solve. For example: Who is the audience of the output of his session? Is this about an explicit feature or more of an inspirational session? Set up your attendees to have a shared clarity as to the intended output of this exercise.

Step 3: Sketch or write ideas

Now that you are aligned, take 15 minutes to individually brainstorm as many ideas as you can. Get creative and push your thinking beyond straightforward solutions.

Everybody has the floor with Freehand. It’s an exciting experience with ideas happening as everyone can be their authentic selves.

Brian Walker

Senior Design Program Manager

Step 4: Ask each teammate to present their ideas

Take approximately 30 minutes to share ideas with each other. Encourage each participant to both talk and listen so that all voices can be heard. The only bad ideas are the ones that aren’t shared.

It was really eye-opening to see how differently each person approached it.

Megan Sempre

Senior Designer

Step 5: Cluster and vote on your favorite ideas

Spend time during the session to cluster ideas and concepts. Prepare to hear great ideas that don’t fall in line with your goals. Don’t lose or ignore those - there may be some gems. Acknowledge and park them for later reference.

Use Freehand Reactions (the smile icon on your toolbar) to vote for three of your favorite ideas. Add a reaction to the ideas you think should be ideated further. Cast all your votes for one great idea, or split them across multiple areas.

Go wide and bring your crazy ideas. Let’s do this.

Brian Walker

Senior Design Program Manager

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