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Transformation by Design an original film by InVision

About the film

The fine line between success and failure for companies is innovation — without digital transformation, organizations can adapt or collapse. In Transformation by Design, a documentary short film by InVision, we traveled from the Hollywood hills to the fields of a family farm to explore how digital transformation is bringing design closer to the center of every business.

This film features one-of-a-kind interviews with product and design leaders on the frontlines of digital transformation at some of the top digital companies in the world, including Netflix, BBVA, and Hulu. Whether conducting user research in a farmer's field, or training a new generation of employees on the fundamentals of design thinking, this film uncovers how companies both new and old are putting the user at the center of their business through design-driven practices, methodologies, and cultures.

Transformation By Design Team Workshop

Ready to prioritize digital transformation at your organization, but don’t know where to start? In our brand new workshop for design, product and engineering teams, you’ll get the chance to step away from the day-to-day, and reflect on what innovation looks like at your organization.

This 45-minute, interactive team workshop is a great way to connect and encourage creative thinking as it’s related to: design practices, methods of collaboration and ultimately how it all affects your end user.

You’ll take away:
• New insights from product & design leaders on the frontlines of digital transformation
• A better understanding of how and where to “disrupt yourself” before you’re disrupted


Meet the People

Global Head of Design at

Margarita Barrera

Vice President of Design at

Steve Johnson

Former Vice President of Product Design at

John Couch

Former Vice President of Operations at

LeeAnn Murphy

About InVision

InVision is the transformative collaboration platform for all the work you do. Our flagship product, Freehand, is a collaborative canvas that makes work more connected, creative, inclusive, and impactful. We are now the place for teams of all kinds to come together, get organized, meet, brainstorm, and push work forward.

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Making the film

Transformation by Design is directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Michael Barnett, who previously directed The Mars Generation (Netflix), Becoming Bulletproof (Showtime) and Superheroes (HBO)

Written by Benjamin Goldman and Co-Produced by Daniel Cowen and Benjamin Goldman

Benjamin Goldman
Writer and Producer
Daniel Cowen
Michael Barnett
Film Director