Architecture Brainstorm Template

Preview Image of the Architecture Brainstorm Template Template
Preview Image of the Architecture Brainstorm Template Template

Create solutions to your customers’ needs with an architecture brainstorm template

With AWS’ architecture diagram brainstorm template, your team will have a dedicated space to workshop potential architecture solutions.

Think of this template as the journey your team takes before reaching your final architecture diagram

David Cowden

Senior Solutions Architect

With his experience helping numerous partners and customers at AWS build their own architecture diagram, David designed this template to help your team create solutions that are aligned to customer needs.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Use AWS’ architecture diagram brainstorm template to:

  • Give your team a space to brainstorm
  • Align your solution to customer needs
  • Solve business use cases for your customers

How to use this architecture brainstorm template

Step 1: Outline business and customer requirements

“When you’re developing an architecture diagram, you need to have a reference point for the business or customer requirements,” David says. He intentionally created a space within the template to outline these needs.

Reference high-level use cases and include technical requirements such as: “Highly available web architecture that can serve 1000 TB of streaming data.”

Step 2: Review the AWS Well-Architected Framework as a team

The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps teams create secure, high-performing, efficient infrastructure. Use it as a consistent approach for evaluating and implementing architecture solutions that can scale over time.

Step 3: Use pre-drawn architecture icons to start brainstorming

Use the pre-drawn icons to start mapping out your architecture in real-time as a team.

Step 4: Reflect on business requirements

Review your original business requirements to make sure your solution meets the needs of your customer.

At the end of your workshop, you’ll be able to translate the output of your brainstorming session into a final diagram artifact.

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