InVision’s Product Showcase

Jeff Chow


Stephanie Mencarelli


Jake Reed


Mark Boyes-Smith


Good work can get messy. Teams use different tools, have different perspectives, priorities and maybe even different lingo for the same thing. I say tomato - and let me get this straight - you say toMAHto?

But it’s those messy moments where the real magic happens and the real work gets done. When design meets product, when peanut butter meets jelly.

How can you ensure your sum is always greater than its parts? Bring your teams, their tools and their best work together with Freehand.

See how your team can harness those messy moments of collaboration to align and deliver impact faster during InVision’s Product Showcase. InVision’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Chow, SVP Design, Stephanie Mencarelli, VP Product, Jake Reed and Director of Product Design, Mark Boyes-Smith will share our vision of collaboration, recent product innovations, and provide a preview of what’s to come.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The new templates we’ve built to improve your cross-functional collaboration across kickoffs, brainstorms, early explorations, design review and developer handoff
  • Recent ground-breaking innovations creating a more immersive and inclusive team experience; from Polling, Smart Widgets, Pages and Tables that help your team organize and ideate, to new integrations, such as Slack, Unsplash and the Figma plugin, to bring all your tools together
  • Live demonstration of our roadmap detailing what we’ve built, what’s to come and how it will better your workflows and messy collaboration moments

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard