Collaborative IQ: Breaking through siloed roles in the new year

Natalya Shelburne


Eli Woolery


As we head into a new year, many organizations are facing challenges, from economic headwinds to the continued hurdles of adjusting to remote and hybrid work. Too often teams—and even roles—can become siloed, and misaligned with the mission and vision of their leaders. How can you break through these siloes with your team and in your individual work, and find a more effective way to collaborate effectively?

Join InVision’s Eli Woolery for an engaging conversation with Natalya Shelburne, Staff Manager for Design Infrastructure at Github, where they’ll discuss these topics, as well as getting past imposter syndrome in a new role and why respect is key to developing good cross-functional partnerships.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Building trust and confidence within a siloed team
  • Helping cross-functional teams realign to their mission and goals
  • Inspiration to start your own personal and professional growth journey

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard