Persona profile

When developing a deeper understanding of a user, a design, research, or marketing team creates a persona profile.

A persona profile combines user interviews, desk research, and other valuable feedback into a single visualization, allowing you to collaboratively bring more fidelity to your key buying personas, develop a comprehensive understanding of your current customers, and see how to best create solutions for each of them.

The exercise allows you and your team to translate interviews and other user research activities into targeted personas. 

What is a persona profile?

To develop a better understanding of a user, a persona profile is often used.

A persona profile combines research, such as interviews and data, to create a visual representation of one persona. In turn, the persona profile offers a better understanding of your audience.

What does a persona profile do?

A persona profile is commonly used by marketing, design, and product teams to connect a company’s business goals with customer needs.

Through a persona profile, teams can tailor their strategy to more effectively and meaningfully bring better solutions to customer problems.

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