Mood board

Mood boards articulate the type of emotion you want to evoke in your next project and get a team’s creative energy on the same track.

A mood board typically includes multiple shapes that map out color schemes, icons, and more items that display the idea you are trying to convey.

Mood boards are a popular tool for designers to kickstart creative projects, but mood boards can also be used by many other teams like marketers, UX writers, and product managers to articulate complex ideas.

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a diagram that maps out the type of emotion you want to convey for a project. Typically, this is done by visually displaying color schemes, typography, and imagery to project the emotion you are communicating.

Visually, mood boards collect various inspiring items, such as icons and logos, in an organized fashion creating a board that is divided into categorized groups resulting in an articulate display.

What does a mood board do?

Conveying your inspiration with your team is easily accomplished with a mood board.

A mood board articulates what type of emotion you want to convey in a project and facilitates intelligent collaboration with your team on how to achieve that emotion.

Primarily a tool used by designers, mood boards allow every team member apart of a project to align with what emotion the designer wants to communicate, providing clarity amongst the team.

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