Concept map

A concept map visualizes the relationship between ideas by organizing those ideas within a diagram, using arrows or lines showing their relationship to one another.

Concept maps are useful for product, marketing, and design teams to better distill and understand complex topics and insights, helping collaborators see how each concept relates to each other.

What is a concept map?

To put it best, a concept map is a visual representation showing the relationship between ideas.

Visually, a concept map usually has boxes around ideas and arrows to indicate their relationship to one another. They can be simple or complex, but are a useful tool to focus on how ideas relate to each other.

What does a concept map do?

Concept maps can be used by most anyone who is trying to understand relationships from one idea to another.

Teams use concept maps to help establish an organized webbing of knowledge. They also help teams understand complex topics and relationships between ideas within that topic being mapped.

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