Brand guidelines

It’s vital to communicate your brand identity to your company for voice and visual style consistency.

To do so, you must establish your brand’s original style with an instructional manual that effectively defines your company’s mission, values, voice, and tone.

Whether it be your key messaging, logo stacks, or signature color schemes, your brand guidelines are a centralized location of key elements that help internal and external stakeholders communicate and design with your brand’s style at the forefront.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines communicate your unique company identity by defining what your company’s voice, color palette, iconography, and much more.

The rules and standards outlined in brand guidelines by designers and marketers allow an organization to communicate company branding consistently to both internal and external stakeholders.

What do brand guidelines do?

Brand guidelines offer a source of truth for consistency conveying your brand identity across multiple organizational channels. The rules and tools used to establish brand guidelines offer company-wide clarity on your brand’s visual look and feel.

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