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How the workforce has adapted to remote work for the better

A positive remote working environment is crucial. Learn about vital, adaptable skills that can make or break distributed teams.

Careers, Remote work

Hundreds of new Emojis in Freehand 🙌🏽 just in time for World Emoji Day

Here’s why emojis are essential in honest, efficient, and emotional communication as well as some innovative ways to incorporate …

Product Updates, Remote work

4 ways autonomous work drives creativity on Credit Suisse’s global design team

Discover how design leaders at Credit Suisse build a culture of autonomous productivity — aided by collaborative technology.

Design, Design systems, Interviews, Leadership

Joy and Justice: The history, intersectionality, and hope of Pride and Juneteenth

This past month, InVision held a panel to discuss joy and justice through the history, intersectionality, and hope of Pride …

Collaboration, Inspiration, Looking Back to Create a More Inclusive Future

6 LGBTQIA+ designers who inspire InVisioners

In honor of Pride month, we're showcasing six LGBTQIA+ designers at the forefront of their industry that inspire InVisioners.

Design, Illustration, Inspiration, InVision

Dr. Sian Proctor shares her tips on how to better handle imposter syndrome

Dr. Proctor shares the internal conversation she has with herself to combat imposter syndrome, and it’s a script that …


How to thrive in an evolving workforce, according to Forrester

InVision Chief Product Officer Jeff Chow recently sat down with our guest speaker from Forrester,VP and Research Director James …

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6 must-have templates for Engineering teams

Six highly efficient & effective templates built by engineers, for engineers to take your project from kickoff to launch.

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Take product ideas to launch with these 6 simple templates

These six product team templates from InVision Freehand will take your ideas to launch and strengthen team bonds along the …

Product Updates

How to spark innovative collaboration on teams

Collaboration is a key component of success, but it's not always easy to ignite within a team. Jose Coronado …

Design Chats

The management strategy IBM’s Katrina Alcorn uses to empower large teams

In the latest episode of season 7 of the Design Better Podcast Katrina shares how she leads a team of …

Collaboration, Design, Design Chats, DesignBetter.Co, Interviews

Designers: Do your best work with 6 powerful templates

Six purpose-built templates by design teams, for design teams, that help you move from ideation to execution with more …

Collaboration, Design, New Features, Product Updates

5 ways to be more productive right now

The topic of productivity has shifted into focus as employers address remote, hybrid, and distributed workplaces. Here are a few …

Advice, Process, Remote work

How to embrace workplace vulnerability, according to mental health expert Dr. Ejiro Ogbevoen

Mental Health in the workplace plays a significant role in our overall well-being. It impacts how we feel, what …

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How to build an indistractable workplace, according to Nir Eyal

Getting and staying in a deep work groove can be challenging with the constant alerts from all your tools. Nir …

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InVision Product Updates: May 2022

InVision is sharing more ways to connect tools and integrations to the Freehand canvas that will help you add fun …

Collaboration, InVision, New Features, Product Updates

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