Founder-led, impact-driven, employee-centric

The leadership team combines decades of experience in design, development, workplace collaboration, AI, and enterprise SaaS to lead InVision on our ambitious mission.

Our incredible investors recognize that organizations today must evolve their workflow to adapt to remote work and digital collaboration.

Leadership team

Clark Valberg
CEO / Co-Founder
Jacob Lamm
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Shenkman
Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Chow
Chief Product Officer
Nick Ellis
Chief Information Officer and Head of Revenue Operations
Stephanie Mencarelli
Senior Vice President of Design
Steve Davie
Senior Vice President of Engineering
Elle Woulfe
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Tim Cleary
Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Operations
Daniel Sanchez-Grant
Senior Vice President of Sales
Dianne Borges
Senior Vice President, Global Customer Experience
Katie Hollis
Senior Vice President of People
Nili Metuki
Vice President of Insights
Leslie Chard
General Counsel

Board of Directors

Amish Jani
Ben Nadel
Clark Valberg
Daniel Wolfson
The Wolfson Group
Jason Warner
Lee Fixel
Matt Jacobson
Iconiq Capital
Megan Quinn
Mike Kourey
Neeraj Agrawal
Battery Ventures
Vas Natarajan
Accel Capital