InVision Studio: Freestyle design jams

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Andy Orsow
  •  Nov 9, 2017
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We hope you’ve heard about InVision Studio—but if you’re not in the loop, here’s everything you need to know about the world’s most powerful screen design tool.

For the past few weeks, members of our design team have been whipping up exciting projects in InVision Studio. As an added bonus, they’ve screencapped their process.

There’s more coming. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be dropping more design jams on Facebook and Twitter—but the real fun comes after we launch InVision Studio in early 2018, when we get to see the inspiring things you’re creating. Until then? Enjoy these pro product designers putting InVision Studio through the paces.

Studio jam #1: Noam Liss, Enterprise Product Designer

Noam created a rapid-yet-advanced mobile prototype of DesignBetter.Co—InVision’s latest educational resource hub. You’ll see a number of different screens and artboards, all coming together inside an earlier alpha-build of InVision Studio.

“Rocked this DesignBetter.Co concept w/ #InVisionStudio—in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken before!” @noamliss

Studio jam #2: Steven Fabre, Studio Product Designer

Steven unites 2 completely different passions in this playful animated Nike checkout experience. Note that he did not run the New York City Marathon—but he did use Studio’s 12-column grid!

“Brought together my 2 favorites—sneakers + #InVisionStudio—to design this fast, animated e-commerce experience.” @stevenfabre

Studio jam #3: Charles Patterson, Mobile Product Designer

In this video, Charles recreates an animation for an upcoming InVision feature. The original version was made in After Effects—and it took blood, sweat, and tears to produce. With InVision Studio, creating this fully functioning prototype took less than an hour!

“Putting #InVisionStudio through the paces today. This took <1 hour—animations and all—unbelievable!” @charlespattson

Studio jam #4: Andy Orsow, Lead Video Producer

Well, here’s a screen we’re all familiar with—and it’s been reimagined in Studio. I wanted to show off the speed of creating instant animation with a quick mobile media prototype—along with my top picks.

“I just had to get in on the Studio jams… Whipped up this quick animation in #InVisionStudio—so fun!” @andyorsow

That’s all for now, but we’re playing around with more awesome jams to help show you exactly how useful Studio will be. Learn more about the product here, and make sure you sign up for early access to stay in the loop!

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