InVision Studio in Beantown

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Nov 27, 2017
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A cool night on Boston harbor was the fifth stop on our international InVision Studio Demo + Drinks tour.

Another week, another Studio demo event. This time, we took to Boston—at Legal Harborside—to get Studio in front of some of the Northeast’s top digital product designers. Studio product designer, Steven Fabre, came all the way from Australia to show the crowd the prototyping, collaboration, and design features built into the tool. Check out a few highlights:

We’ve had a blast connecting with digital product designers from around the globe, hearing their enthusiasm and feedback for Studio. The features highlighted during the last few events include:

  • Cutting-edge screen design
  • Auto resizing and responsive layout
  • Rapid prototyping
  • ‘Magic’ and custom advanced animations
  • Shared design systems
  • Seamless collaboration

Additionally, you got a sneak peek into a few of the features on our future product roadmap:

  • Open platform for developers
  • Live collaboration
  • Version control

We’ve got one more stop on this leg of the tour—December 7th in Seattle.

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Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard