A first look at the Studio Platform: App store, asset library, open API

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  •  May 24, 2018
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“Build the world’s most powerful screen design tool.”

That is our mission—our promise—with InVision Studio: to create a unified design environment that empowers creation and collaboration like never before, helping you push your vision and your craft to new heights.

Today, we’re excited to tell you more about the next step in delivering on that promise—the Studio Platform, the simplest way to extend, customize, and elevate your design experience—including an app store, asset library, and an open API.

App store

Coming soon, our new app store lets you connect Studio to the design, productivity, and collaboration tools you and your team use every day. We’ve been working with Atlassian, Salesforce, Getty Images, UserTesting, Google Material Design, and Dribbble to create seamless integrations. You’ll have access to the most seamless digital product design workflow ever created, with apps and assets to bring your creative work and workflow to new heights, all right inside Studio.


“The ecosystem that InVision is building around Studio is a seamless way for designers to customize their screen design experience and enable new ways of working. We’re excited about this integration and to deepen our partnership with InVision to bring Atlassian’s powerful tools right into the designer workflow.”
–Bryant Lee, Head of Partnerships & Integrations at Atlassian


Asset library

Through our asset library, we’ll provide a selection of incredible content to help take your screen designs to exciting new places. You’ll find UI kits to jumpstart your next project, components, icons, and typography to speed up your design workflow, and more—all without ever leaving Studio.

Open API

Our flexible open API will let you build apps that fine-tune you and your team’s product design process. You can keep your amazing app all to yourself—or you can share it with the community in our new Studio App Store.

Design the future

Join our growing community of world-class partners. If you’re interested in being one of the first to build on Studio, sign up for our new Maker Program today. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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