Bryant Alexander

Value Sessions Template

Preview Image of the Value Sessions Template Template
Preview Image of the Value Sessions Template Template

"Whenever facilitating [a values training] session, it has to be interactive. Attendees should walk away with a tangible outcome."

Use this template to lead interactive training sessions with an emphasis on inclusivity, giving HR teams greater opportunities to dive deeper into activities and collaborate in real time.

This template was co-created with Bryant Alexander.

Step by step instructions along with pro-tips are provided inside this template.

Here are the steps that you will need to take to lead a Value Training Session:

Step 1: Assignments

Assign contributors/participants here.

Step 2: Quote Feature

Use this frame as an opportunity to share a quote that will resonate with participants and spark conversation.

Step 3: Quote Response

The goal of this section is to get participants to engage with the facilitator. The facilitator should emphasize that values determine behavior. This exercise should be seen as an opportunity to build rapport with participants by letting them expound on the sticky notes.

Step 4: Ten in Two

The goal of this exercise is to identify the values that best align with who you are as a person. These are the values you carry with you every day.

Step 5: Three in One

The goal is to synthesize your most important core values identified in the previous activity.

Step 6: Our Values

Establishing 5-7 core product principles empowers teams

Step 7: Integration

The goal of this exercise is to find the connection between your company values and your personal core values.