Sprint Planning Template

Preview Image of the Sprint Planning Template Template
Preview Image of the Sprint Planning Template Template

Centralize your agile process with a sprint planning template

With Atlassian’s well-established sprint planning meeting template, your team will develop a strong foundation for a successful sprint.

The sprint planning template is an invaluable part of our agile toolbox to help us set and align on our sprint goals, so that we minimize any surprises.

Lennon Liao

Confluence Project Manager

You don’t need to start from scratch. If you’re looking for a freeform space to run collaborative agile planning meetings, give this template a try.

How to use this sprint planning template

Step 1: Complete the sprint planning checklist

Keep track of all your to-do items before, during, and after your sprint planning session. Create an agenda and list participants. Team members who review the document will gain context at a glance.

Step 2: Discuss your team’s last sprint

Use the sprint planning canvas to discuss your team’s last sprint. Identify the theme, story points, and summary of achievements. Follow up on any open questions from the previous sprint to increase efficiency for this next sprint.

Step 3: Define new sprint details

Define a timeline, theme, and other resources needed for the sprint. Do this as a team and pause for questions or invite the team to express concerns before moving on.

Step 4: Work through the capacity planning chart for the previous and current sprint

Understand your team’s capacity and prioritize and plan accordingly, considering specific tasks and overarching goals.

Step 5: Discuss potential risks as a team

Identify any potential risks and brainstorm solutions as a team. Keep your sprint on track by avoiding silos and addressing possible roadblocks.

At the end of your sprint planning session, your team will have aligned on goals and expectations—and you’ll experience a more efficient and effective sprint.

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